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ADVANCED SERVICES AT Child and Family Vision Center

Our eye care center in Ankeny offers advanced eye care services.

Is your child reading below grade level? Vision therapy may the solution you have been searching for.

We also offer customized neuro-optometry treatment for vision problems due to head injuries or concussions.

If you want to take your game to the next level, speak to us about our sports vision training program.

Our Ankeny optometric team provides cutting-edge eye and vision care.

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Ankeny Advanced Eye Care

Our Child and Family Vision Center optometric team offers a large range of advanced eye care services so that you and your family can live their best life - in school, at the office and on the sports field.

Learn more about some of our key services below;


If you have poor visual skills, you'll struggle to effectively focus, read, and process information. Vision therapy can help strengthen any lagging visual skills to help you reach your potential.


If your child's prescription is rapidly deteriorating, we can help. We offer evidence-based treatment to prevent the onset or reduce the progression of myopia in pediatric patients.


Experience dizziness, double-vision, and a poorer quality of life after a traumatic brain injury, stroke, or other neurological event? Neuro-optometry develops and restores full visual function.


An athlete's core skills come down to how quickly and accurately they react to a play in real-time. Sports vision training strengthens critical visual skills in both young and adult athletes to help them be at the top of their game.

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